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Tansy was brilliant in advising me regarding my grievance case. She told me the steps I would need to take from a legal perspective as well as the options, potential outcomes and what I might expect from my employer. She was very sympathetic in relation to the treatment as I explained it and I would definitely contact her again in the future to discuss any plans I had in relation to any employment issues.

Jonnie, Fashion Industry, London

Tansy has changed my life. When facing the situation of unfair dismissal, I was recommended to use her by a colleague and now I know why. Tansy gave me the confidence to rebuild myself  and  to go back and face my firm with nerves of steel, a legal knowledge about my rights, and I had the most amazing meeting ever. I won the battle and had my employer grovelling and eating out of my hands. The tactics and techniques she taught me over the phone I will keep with me forever. Tansy is an inspiration.


JB, PA, London

We engaged with Tansy when updating our HR policies. She provided thorough, and commercially sensible advice for us to include and shape the current policies.

IH, Aalto Invest, London

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tansy as an advisor and a friend.
Tansy has the ability to work with surgical precision. Her attention to detail and the supportive tone taken to explain subject matter that may not be easily understood is second to none.
Tansy has advised me on a number of occasions whilst working as a Self Employed Consultant. Some employee issues I have needed guidance on were contractual issues, payment notices, and terms relating to providing services to a company externally.
On all matters Tansy helped me to understand my rights and also understand what the basic requirements I needed to successfully complete my business. I would have no issues recommending Tansy’s talents within the HR arena. Highly recommended.

Richard, Business Manager, Essex

Tansy is an incredibly approachable and a well respected HR consultant. Having received advice from her on a few occasions, I have quickly learnt that her knowledge and sound judgement has prevailed to put a clear lens whatever the situation and help achieve the desired positive outcome.

Gurmit, Social Media Manager, Essex

Tansy was extremely helpful with my HR issue. She answered my questions really quickly and with a great level of detail. She made the issues really clear and easy to understand. Tansy clearly knows her stuff!

Louise, Online Business Owner, Northamptonshire

Having been told my job was at risk of redundancy and not knowing what to do I was put in touch with Tansy and immediately I was reassured that whatever happened all would be ok. She explained all my rights and exactly what to do next and what to expect from my employer. She guided me through the whole process and was there  for me anytime I needed help. I cannot recommend her more, the advice was invaluable.

G, Financial Services, London

Tansy saved my life,  literally! I was being called into a meeting to discuss something (which I knew wasn’t going to go well) and I managed to get hold of Tansy prior to the meeting and ask for advice on my line of “defence”. She helped me re-evaluate the situation, and turn it around with a strategy to enable me to not get disciplined. The meeting went really well and I cant sing Tansys’ praises enough.She’s fast, she thinks on her feet and gives the client fantastic support.

Anon, Financial services

I have consulted Tansy on a number of occasions over the last five years. The first time was during my first job after university when my boss in the small firm I worked in kept delaying my wage payments. He then started treating me so unfairly at work culminating indenying paying me an agreed bonus. I was compelled to leave and claim constructive dismissal which Tansy advised me on and helped me to initiate that process. When I subsequently looked for a new role, Tansy helped me with my CV, and interview preparation. My previous role was workshop based and hence I existed in jeans and T-shirts, and as my new role was in an office environment, Tansy advised me on office attire, which really helped me to adjust to a new working environment. Since then I have been made redundant, and Tansy helped guide me through that process and ensured I knew my rights to make sure I got everything that I was entitled to. I am currently in a marketing role managing a small team in a FTSE 250 company. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tansy to anyone and would definitely use her again.

VT, Essex

When I got placed at risk of redundancy  (and eventual redundancy) I had no  idea if I was being looked after by the Investment Bank that employed me for the past 11 years! Nor did I want to pay a ridiculous amount of money to an independent law firm to review the terms if there was nothing worth challenging!   It was such a relief to talk to Tansy who could explain the process and give me peace of mind at a most turbulent time in my life. It was such a shock to the system and will be forever grateful for the support Tansy offered me not just with the facts but emotionally too. Thank you Tansy!

Mrs JP, Executive Director, Banking