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How to be a better Manager

Employment tribunals and settlement claims are a costly affair, both financially and reputationally.  Everybody has a different leadership style, but to manage people effectively, there are some things that everybody needs to do to produce a happy and productive workforce.

I acknowledge here that it is very difficult to suddenly adopt a different style of people management, (when you are in a rut or used to managing in a certain way) but if you introduce some of these measures slowly, you can slowly transform yourself and your team.

  • Acknowledge your staff…. this means saying a cheery hello in the morning to everyone in your team.
  • Say the magic words “thank you” for a job well done.
  • Ask your staff their opinions on matters relating to work issues, products, or services, and adopt them if they are good ideas.
  • Take an interest in your staff’s life outside of work.

Managing staff performance

  • Every week schedule a 5 minute catch up with each member of staff to find out where they are at with their work, if they need any support, what are they’re challenges and what is going well for them.
  • Always try and delegate a task that is developmental to a person in the team. Don’t be afraid of losing control. You will gain respect and a more developed flexible team!
  • Hold weekly team meetings where everyone is asked to contribute ideas and information, and talk about what is the challenge and goals for the week.
  • Ask your staff for feedback from time to time, as to how you are doing as their manager.  Don’t be scared!
  • Report back to your boss at least one success story from your team every month so that he is aware of the team performance.
  • Every month, meet with each staff member for a monthly review, reviewing their personal goals and objectives and discussing their work performance.

I know some people will be reading this and saying they don’t have time for this….but believe me, you do have time. If you don’t, then you are in control of too many people that are not being managed properly, and you need to re-define the numbers you are in charge of. Secondly, it is far better to manage people on a monthly basis and a quick 5 minute weekly meeting, then to have to face managing someone on a PRP review process, or having a disciplinary with a member of staff, or worse still facing a bullying claim, a tribunal claim or potentially having to pay a disgruntled employee off because you haven’t managed them effectively, and they can prove it!

Good luck and go manage!!




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