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Common errors on CV’s and how to avoid them!

Having spent many years churning through CV’s for vacancies, there are some common errors that you need to eradicate before you go down in the recruiters’ estimation and the reject pile. Here they are: Spellcheck, Spellcheck, Spellcheck!  Everyone hates to see spelling errors, poor punctuation and poor grammar in CV’s. We are in a global […]


What to do if you have been suspended

In a nutshell, suspension is a means of removing someone temporarily from the workplace, so that an employer can investigate a potential disciplinary offence. The investigation will be easier for the employer to conduct as the chance of the employee tampering or destroying evidence will be minimised, and they will also not able to influence […]


How to prepare for your appraisal with very little preparation time!

I haven’t met one person in my time that enjoyed going to an appraisal, either as a manager or as an employee. Most people I know give it very little thought until the night before.  In all my years of training managers and advising staff generally, nothing has changed. It’s unfortunate, as it could be […]


Why being a “career slasher” is the way forward

Twenty years ago, when I first started working in “Personnel”, I was disciplining people for having outside business interests and activities. Employees were completely beholden to the company they worked for, and they were disciplined if they were found out.  Times have changed massively.  Being a “career slasher” is now the way forward and a […]


How to be a better Manager

Employment tribunals and settlement claims are a costly affair, both financially and reputationally.  Everybody has a different leadership style, but to manage people effectively, there are some things that everybody needs to do to produce a happy and productive workforce. I acknowledge here that it is very difficult to suddenly adopt a different style of […]


What to ask in a redundancy meeting

First of all don’t panic! Arm yourself with knowledge on the law and you will be in a much better place to navigate through the process and remain in control of the situation. Check out the Government’s website: This site has all the legal information you need to know about redundancy. Your employer should […]


How to manage a resignation conversation

Your member of staff decides to hand in their notice…how do you react? Do you inwardly whoop for joy, or are you devastated that you didn’t see this one coming and feel upset and hurt that they are leaving the team? Either way, you need to handle the exit well, or you potentially could face […]


How employers can retain and attract a talented female workforce

  Everytime a company announces that they are spending time, effort and money trying to analyse where their top female talent is going, and why they aren’t making it through the glass ceiling, I sigh with exasperation. Do they ever ask their female leavers why they aren’t coming back after maternity and what would have […]


How to mentor people without even really trying…..

There is clearly a big drive at the moment for businesses and other organisations to try and encourage managers and people of influence to mentor people. There is clearly a benefit to doing this for both parties but take-up is generally low and this because of the perceived time and  commitment it requires to work […]


How to re-brand and re-frame when you are made redundant

  Carrying on with my theme of re-branding, there is never a better time to put yourself through the re-branding process than when we are made redundant. The general consensus of the redundant people that I have met is that in their multitude of feelings they experience, elation is usually not one of them, and […]