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Why being a “career slasher” is the way forward

Twenty years ago, when I first started working in “Personnel”, I was disciplining people for having outside business interests and activities. Employees were completely beholden to the company they worked for, and they were disciplined if they were found out.  Times have changed massively.  Being a “career slasher” is now the way forward and a reflection of the times since the 2007/8 crash and the growth of the internet which has changed the way we work and how we can earn money. What the slasher term means is that you can have multiple jobs that you do simultaneously.  Personally I think it’s great.

For example, with myself I am an HR consultant/painter & decorator/cake artist/v-logger/GCSE & A-level tutor. My main role is the HR consultant, but I have just completed a 4 month stint working on a building site doing a commercial property conversion to an HMO and being the key painter on the job, and I loved it. In my twenties, I used to work by day in an office HR job and by night I would get paid to be on stage dancing with my troupe and travelling the UK. It was great fun, but meant the monotony of the day job was bearable.

There are so many benefits to slashing. For the individual:

  • It allows you not to get bored with the day to day monotony of one job. You may have a key income for one job, but turning a hobby or an interest into an income bearing other job is allowing you to keep your creative juices flowing and can make you genuinely happy and fulfilled that you are doing something you like!
  • Having multiple income streams is great, as it allows you to have some control over the income coming in, and you are not restricted to just one contracted salary.
  • Working in different avenues allows you to work with and for people that you might not normally come into contact with and get a fresher perspective on life.
  • With the threat of redundancy ever present, having a number of different jobs that you can do and turn your hand to, allows you to be mentally more resilient, and financially less dependent upon a  main career.

If you are an employer, then the benefits are there too.

  • You may find your star employee wants to request a flexible working pattern to pursue outside interests, and I would encourage this. You can’t stop someone from walking out on a job if they really want to go, and if they are that good, then it’s worth giving them a bit of leeway to find themselves and enjoy a hobby that keeps them fulfilled when they are working for you. Happy employees equal productivity, equals profit.
  • Having employees with a range of different skills and expertise can bring benefits to the business as they can bring their ideas and knowledge and influence into the workplace. If you have an employee that’s an expert on social media, why wouldn’t you want to utilise their knowledge for the benefit of your business and educate your other staff?
  • Employees want to work flexibly now, and with the change in employment law allowing anyone to apply for flexible working, society will be moving in that direction too. As an employer of choice and to retain and attract the best employees, you need to allow your employees some freedom to carve out their careers, and want to still come back to you because they want to be there. You can’t fight the tide of the changing times, and its best to go with the flow.

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